Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bushwalking Coffee

Making good coffee on a bushwalk is tricky. You could take an old-fashioned stove-top espresso maker and put in on your stove, but those are very very heavy, and don't leave much spare weight for coffee. Or you could take a plastic plunger (Bodum makes them) but it's still a bit heavy. Or you could be really clever and take a Vietnamese coffee filter (a 'phin'), weighing in at 25 grams! You just pack in your coffee, sit it over your cup and add boiling water. 4 mins later you have great-tasting coffee. It will set you back a whole $2 at your local Vietnamese grocer or bargain shop. (Or you can buy on ebay or amazon).

(This is also a great tip for coffee tragics travelling in places like England where espresso is hard to find. Just make your own in the hotel room - all you need is a kettle).


  1. I'm a tea drinker..not coffee. Having said that my boyfriend LOVES espresso and orders a quad espresso whenever we go out.

    Im going to try making this for him!

    Thanks - Denise

  2. What are you talking about, espresso is hard to find in England? Were you last there in the 70s? I'd also say that Vietnamese coffee tastes nothing like espresso. Great with condensed milk though :)